Whites Electronic Cigarette Refills

Tobacco Cartomizer Refills – Pack of Five

Tobacco Electronic CIgarettes refills cartomizers uk cheap electric cigarettes

from £7.95

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White’s finest high density, tobacco cartomizer refills offers a more traditional vaping experience. This great tobacco flavour blend offers the great taste that your standard tobacco cigarette has to offer minus all the tar and toxins. Perfect for everyday use or as a substitute when you fancy the taste of a tobacco cigarette.


Golden Blend Cartomizer Refills – Pack of Five

GB Whites 6287 Electric Electronic Cigarette refills UK cheapfrom £7.95

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White’s finest high density, Golden Blend cartomizer refills offer a rich, full bodied tobacco taste with slight smokey after notes. Perfect for a great, all round full bodied flavour sensation.




Berry Cartomizer Refills – Pack of Five

Whites Berry Electronic Cigarettes Electric cigarette cheap ecig refills UKfrom £7.95

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White’s finest high density, berry cartomizer refills offer a sweet, fruity change from the standard tobacco flavours while still satisfying your cravings. Berry ignites your taste buds with bursts of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, perfect for those with a sweeter tooth.



Vanilla Cartomizer Refills – Pack of Five

Vanilla Whites Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refill Electric cigarette UKfrom £7.95

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White’s finest high density, vanilla cartomizer refills offers sweet, creamy notes of vanilla. Vanilla is a natural flavour enhancer, so when you inhale on this cartomizer the flavour of the vapour really comes through. Perfect for the evenings when you would like to satisfy your sweet tooth.



 Menthol Cartomizer Refills – Pack of Five

Menthol Whites electronic cigarettes Menthol Cartomizer refills UK electric cigarettesfrom £7.95

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White’s finest high density, menthol cartomizer refills offer a cooling and minty fresh taste. These high quality menthol refills offer hints of fresh mint, with an icy menthol body that cools and soothes as the vapour flows. Perfect for a refreshing change or for a fresher feeling mouth.


Whites Electronic Cigarette Refills – Available in Five Fantastic Flavours

The high quality e-liquid in our cartomizers has specifically designed and engineered for maximum taste, vapour production and a satisfying vaping experience. Our tiny cartomizers produce a disproportionate amount of vapour for their sleek and slender size and ensure you get a full bodied, sensually stimulating e-cigarette experience that is bursting with flavour.